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Join us in fighting the spread.

Join your fellow Californians in fighting coronavirus. Knowing where coronavirus is circulating in our communities will help us block its spread. A few drops of blood from your finger is all that's needed to help us all get back to the California we love.

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How it Works

We're sending invitations

We send invitations to a random selection of households in your county.

Register your kit

If your household is selected and signs up, we will send you a box of testing kits for up to three members of your household.

Scan code and test

You scan the code on your kit, take a survey, and prick your finger to place blood spots on a piece of filter paper.

Get your results

Send the kit back to us for testing and we will deliver your results. We will also help you to interpret these results and provide updated recommendations from the health department.

I received an invitation

Your household has been invited to participate in a research study. We seek to learn who in the county may have been infected with the coronavirus, perhaps even without knowing it.

I received a kit.
What's next?

Download the app

Collect a blood sample

Mail in your kit


Resources for you if you are participating in the study or have questions about COVID-19

What is the purpose of this study?

We need to know how many people in our community have ever had SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus or COVID-19) or have been immunized. Knowing where the infection is hiding and where people are vaccinated helps public health departments and hospitals to direct resources to where they are needed most, potentially saving lives and getting our state back to normal.

Why was I chosen to be in the study?

We chose diverse households to represent the entire county. We wanted people from all walks of life--all genders, races, ethnicities, ages, etc.--and we wanted people located in different places throughout the county. Your household was chosen because it added balance to this snapshot of the county in general.

Can I tell other people they should get tested by CA-FACTS?

No, we are selecting houses in the study to represent the whole county. We have limited resources and allowing friends and extended families to participate means that we can’t get a good picture of where the disease exists. The good news though is that more and more testing is available at clinics and health facilities every week. We expect there will be more opportunities for testing as time goes on.